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Lightsaber Knights at the Tea Gardens

Lightsaber Knights at the Tea Gardens

This page is dedicated to the Lightsaber Knights, we are a group of lightsaber enthusiasts who get together to improve our skills, trade ideas and techniques and generally have a good time. We welcome all who wish to join us in our fun. Just be warned, once the saber bug bites you it doesn't tend to let go.

Who are We?

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Knights meeting in San Marcos

Have you ever watched the Star Wars Movies, cartoons, or games and thought to yourself man wouldn't it be cool to be able to wield one of those lightsabers? Well if you have (and really if you're here on this page you know you have) then you're in the right place.

Each and every member of our group started out right where you are now, but instead of just wondering about it we decided to do something or should I say our founders did and like the proverbial first crack in the dam that's all it took.

Lightsaber Knights in the Park

Lightsaber Knights in the Park

Now people from all different walks of life get together a couple times a month (sometimes more sometimes less) in one of the beautiful public parks and we break out the old glow sticks and practice our skills. With skill levels ranging from the rawest "Initiates" to knowledgeable "Knights" and practiced "Masters".

If you're curious and want to learn more about our group we encourage you to browse through the site and if you have questions that you don't see the answer to here please please feel free to find us on Facebook.

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